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Meet The Team

Claire, General Manager Claire, General Manager >>
<p>Claire, General Manager:</p> <p>“Everyone loves what they do at TOPSHOP TOPMAN, and that passion is what makes working here so rewarding. I love being able to engage with all the key players within the business – and being challenged by them as well!”</p>
Kerry, Field Visual Merchandiser Kerry, Field Visual Merchandiser >>
<p>Kerry, Field Visual Merchandiser:</p> <p>“The TOPMAN culture is fantastic. Everyone you come across has such a passion for the Brand, and there are lots of very loyal employees who just love working for TOPMAN. We have some great leaders in the business, and we have great products to sell.”</p>
Bryony, General Manager Bryony, General Manager >>
<p>Bryony, General Manager</p> <p>"I started working for Topshop Topman 15 years ago where I started as a Christmas Temp. Since then I have worked in 9 different stores, all of different shapes and sizes and I am currently in my 8th management position. I love that it's fast paced, energetic and exciting and although sometimes it can be non-stop, everyone who works here is passionate about the brand!"</p>
Archie, Visual Team Leader Archie, Visual Team Leader >>
<p>Archie, Topman Visual Team Leader:</p> <p>"I've met some really ambitious, driven and creative people while working at Topshop Topman and they make it really worthwhile – there's never a dull moment working for the company! I also love how easy it is to progress if you apply yourself – managers, area managers and regional controllers are so supportive of anyone that is willing to put the working and be passionate about the company."</p>
Tom, Brand Manager Tom, Brand Manager >>
<p>Tom, Topman Brand Manager:</p> <p>"My role as a Topman Brand Manager is split across commercial, operational and visual. I have to know my market place and develop and motivate my team to give the best possible service to the customer. I also step in and support topshop when possible and contribute to the day to day running of the whole store not just my brand. You have to have that one store mentality!"</p>
Katie, Creative Assistant Katie, Creative Assistant >>
<p>Katie, Creative Assistant:</p> <p>"My role can be very varied which is what I love about it. My main responsibility is to look after the Creative Budget for our Oxford Circus flagship. I liaise with suppliers organising installs, building relationships and being the point of contact."</p>
Jake, Deputy Brand Manager Jake, Deputy Brand Manager >>
<p>Jake, Deputy Brand Manager</p> <p>"Growing up, I remember going to TOPMAN to get the boot-cut jeans I was desperate for. I basically grew up with the Brand. I think that’s a perfect analogy for my experiences working here – it’s all about continuous growing.”</p>
Anita, Brand Manager Anita, Brand Manager >>
<p>Anita, Brand Manager:</p> <p>"My role is all about making commercial decisions, reacting quickly to the marketplace and working alongside a team to create an inspiring store. We take the brands vision and recreate it within our stores to give the unique experience to our customers. My role is also to motivate, inspire and coach the teams and bring out the best in each individual to create a successful team."</p>